Alpha National Title Guaranty, Inc provides services such as Loan Closing, Closing Agents & Attorneys, Escrow Accounts, Loan Document Preparation, Title Searches, Title Insurance, & Notary Service. We serve both Commercial and Residential real estate, including Conventional, VA, FmHA, Fannie Mae, & Construction Loans.

How the Closing Process Works at Alpha National Title Guaranty, Inc

A lot of people ask us questions daily about Title Searches, Title Insurance, the Loan Closing Process, and more. Here’s a quick summary:

  1. Loan Commitment & Request for Closing Services

    After we receive an order request, either online, in person, or by phone, we order a title search. Our examiners will look for any issues such as liens, unreleased deeds of trust, or other ownership claims that could delay the closing process.

  2. Title Processing / Insurance & Underwriting / Other Issues

    Our team then will coordinate with your mortgage company, real estate agent, mortgage lender and other parties involved in the real estate transaction. We will then confirm the date and time or your closing and help you through the rest of the settlement process leading up to your closing date. We will coordinate with multiple parties on everything ranging from termite reports, seller mortgage payoffs, repair bills, HUD-1 settlement statements, and homeowner’s insurance policies.

  3. Loan Closing

    Once our staff reviews and approves all the closing documents, we will have your loan documents at our office, and meet for your scheduled closing appointment! The buyer will receive a copy of the deed to the property, and the keys, and we will file all documents at the courthouse the next day! Congratulations!

I highly recommend Alpha Title Guaranty. They were a fantastic partner every step of the way with our mortgage. They found a couple issues in the title search, and worked with us to clear them up promptly so we could complete the sale.

Charlie S., Kansas City